"Red Sun Dye chem.(RSDC) is one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of wide range of Acid Dyes, Intermediates and Chemicals from India."

Acid dyes are anionic, soluble in water, and are primarily used in an acidic bath. We appreciate you for visit our website. Have a wonderful experience of our colorful inventory and production excellence. When it’s a matter of colors, it’s a matter of quality. It’s about brightness and shelf life. It’s all about the efforts that add value to fabrics and fibers. It is called acid dyes due to the involvement of the acids like acetic acid and sulfuric acid in dying procedure.

We are regarded as foremost manufacturer and exporter of acid dyes worldwide. We offer finest quality dyes produced as per following international norms and conditions. It is water soluble dyes. Generally it is used for the wool, nylon, silk and other acrylic fibers.

Acid Dyes

Our acid dyes inventory is not used for cellulose fibers. In order to provide perfectly match from countless shades, we work closely with our esteemed clients and follow all industrial quality customs. We commit for consistent quality products. We do so due to our latest machines for testing, matching and dying. We also possess most modern apparatuses for colorfastness of textiles. Red Sun dye chem dyes are used all over india and also in international market ,our product is avail in various form for textile, food industry, solvent dyes, chemical industries etc uses. Our products are well tested on each level for quality matters committed to responding promptly to satisfy the changing requirement of customers. Red sun Dye chem always providing best services, product to their customer so earned a reputation in the market by our products , as colors are spreading happiness and enthusiasm in life same way by using our dyes, food colors which add some more  luster in your business. So Red Sun Dye Chem is spread all over world for acid dyes, colors due to customer long term relationship is also maintain by us.

Extensive Arrays of Acid Dyes Manufacture from India

We are premium basic dyes manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in India, known for supplying cutting-edge products to businesses in a variety of industries.


Acid dyes are highly normal water soluble, and have better light fastness than basic dyes. An acid coloring is a dye which is a salt of the sulfuric, carboxylic or phenolic organic and natural acid. Acids are added to dyeing bathing to boost the number of protonated amino-groups in fabric. Acid dyes are generally divided into three classes which count on fastness requirements, level dyeing properties and economy. The classes terme conseillé and generally rely on type of fiber to be colored as well as the process used. Acid dyes are thought to fix to materials by hydrogen bonding, Van der Waals forces and ionic bonding. Our acid dyes are widely used in textile industry of different countries like Usa, Maxico, Brazil, Argentina, Guatemala, Canada, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Spain, Italy, Nethrland, Germany, United Kingdom, Swizerland, France, Egypt, Poland, Hongkong, Singapore, Turkey, Taiwan, Korea, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Shri Lanka, Indonesia and many more countries.
ACID DYES in india

Chemical Specifications of Acid Dyes

Acid dyes are anionic, soluble in water, and are primarily applied in an acidic bath. These dyes contain one or more sulfonic or carboxylic acid salt functional groups. The first acid dye was made in 1862 by Nicholson from an insoluble dye. Silk, wool, feathers, other protein fibers, and nylon are all dyed with acid dyes, and nothing does it better! Textiles are commonly dyed with acid dyes that are commonly applied at low pH levels. Acid dyes are large dyes that contain a sulfonic or carboxylic acid salt functional group. An acid dye is a type of dye that is applied from an acidic solution


"RSDC(INDIA)" is best place for a extensive collection of organic acid dyes array like yellow, blue, orange, red.

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