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We are presenting our clients a wide range of Acid Yellow 204. Yellow Acid 204Our product range is processed from high quality chemicals which are procured from our reliable vendors. These products are treasured for their high quality standards, optimum performance and economical prices.

Properties and Applications:

Product Name of Acid Yellow 204 (CAS NO.61814-53-7): Acid Yellow 204
CAS Registry Number: 61814-53-7
Synonyms of Acid Yellow 204 (CAS NO.61814-53-7): Acid Yellow M 5RL ; Acidol Yellow M 5RL ; Cololan Yellow M 5RL ; Navidol Yellow M 5RL ; Ratna Acid Yellow M 5RL ; Triasolan Yellow 5RL


Name: Acid Yellow 204
CAS: 61814-53-7
C.I. No.:
Synonyms Acid YellowM 5RL; Acidol Yellow M 5RL; Cololan Yellow M 5RL; Navidol Yellow M 5RL; RatnaAcid Yellow M 5RL; Triasolan Yellow 5RL
Molecular Formula
Molecular Weight
CAS Registry Number 61814-53-7
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