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REDSUNDYECHEM is best direct dyes manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters from India. We have different collection of dyes in red, yellow colour, brown, black, orange, violet, green and blue colour.

Direct dyes is used for the dying purpose for cellulose cotton, rayon and linen. Its name itself shows the functionality of dyes. It can be directly applied to the fabric without fixing. We are well recognized manufacturer and exporter of direct dyes. We offer finest quality direct dyes that are resistant to fading in light. We manufacture 200 MT dyes per month. Our inventory of direct dyes is available with industry leading price and also available with bright shade options.

Direct Dyes Manufacturers, Supplier, Exporters From India

DIRECT BLACK 22 600%, 1200%, 1600%, 2000% & 2400% 6473-13-8
DIRECT BLACK 80 Standard & Crude 8003-69-8
DIRECT BLACK 179 Standard 143549-91-1
DIRECT BLACK 170 Standard & Crude 86167-73-9
DIRECT BLACK 56 Crude 8003-57-4
DIRECT BLACK 155 Standard & Crude 71902-06-2
DIRECT BLACK 165 Crude 1937-37-7
DIRECT BLACK 166 Crude 57131-19-8)
DIRECT RED 239 Crude & Salt Free 60202-35-9.
DIRECT BLUE 80 Standard & Crude 12222-00-3
DIRECT BLUE 199 Standard, Crude & Salt Free 12222-04-7
DIRECT BLUE 218 Crude 28407-37-6
DIRECT BLUE 281 Crude 77907-25-6

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